Office Listing

Pierre Longo, Courtier immobilier commercial  |  James Kelemen, Courtier


Commercial and Industrial building of 13 762sf in Vimont, laval. Ceiling is 14 and 20 feet high. 6 ground floor garage doors. Land area of 30 989 square feet. The land+building are located in 2 different zonings. The front, which accounts for about 25%, is located in zoning CA, and the back which accounts for about 75% is located in zoning IB

Zoning: CA-Commerce C1 and C2
IB, which permits, among others, commerce 1,2,3 and 4. (Sale of used cars or trucks, bodyshop, general mechanic, car rental, etc.)
Construction year for front of building is 1994 and back of building is 1974.

Area Map